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Dr. Neil Pugach, MD

Headache Specialist

921 First Colonial Rd Suite 1715, Virginia Beach, VA 23454

(757) 226 - 0603


Dr. Pugach is extremely committed to the care of individuals with headache disorders. As a headache specialist, he manages headaches of all types, including patients with chronic, debilitating and difficult to treat headaches, i.e., chronic daily headache. Many of these individuals have seen numerous general practitioners and neurologists and other specialists over the years, and have failed many headache treatments already.

Dr. Pugach is particularly sensitive to the highly individualized and unique needs of this population of chronic pain sufferers, who often have complex medical and/or psychological histories. Treatment modalities include both prescription and complementary type medications, Botox injections, nerve blocks and trigger point injections. Where appropriate, referrals will be made to other professionals, e.g., physical therapists, psychologists, etc., for adjunctive treatment.

Dr. Neil Pugach, Neurologist and headache specialist, is located conveniently in Virginia Beach on First Colonial Road and treats patients with headache and migraine pain. Treatments are advanced and in some cases include Botox injections, nerve blocks and trigger point injections. Dr. Pugach also specializes in brain injury and head trauma. Dr. Neil Pugach, MD is also experienced with IME evaluations.

As a headache specialist, Dr. Pugach also sees many patients who have suffered traumatic brain injury, and given his unique background, he is very involved in managing the various aspects of their illness.

Dr. Pugach does not work with any “physician extenders.” At each and every visit, you will see him and him alone.


Dr. Pugach is also very experienced in performing IME evaluations and reviewing medicolegal cases as an expert witness, and is available to provide these services.

921 First Colonial Rd Suite 1715

Virginia Beach, VA 23454

Phone: (757) 226-0603

Call Dr. Neil Pugach, Neurologist, Headach Specialist for your appointment at the Virginia Beach VA location on First Colonial Road to begin relief of your headache and or Migraine pain or for help with head trauma or brain injury.